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We are responsible for delivering social infrastructure and social development programme management services on behalf of government. The social infrastructure programmes we deliver include public schools, clinics, community centres, government offices and these are predominantly in rural communities in the nine provinces of South Africa.

The IDT is mandated to support all spheres of government with social infrastructure management and programme implementation. The social infrastructure programmes managed by the IDT cut across national, provincial and local government. The IDT portfolio of programme is broadly categorized into social infrastructure programmes and social development programmes.

Social infrastructure programmes entail the provision and maintenance of infrastructure facilities that enable government to deliver social, basic and community services to its citizens. Social infrastructure projects include schools, Early Childhood Development Centres (ECDC), clinics, hospitals, courts, community halls, portable water and sanitation infrastructure, etc.

Social development programmes on the other hand, entail initiatives and development interventions that primarily facilitate job creation, poverty eradication, community enterprise support and community empowerment.  The programmes under this portfolio include initiatives like Expanded Public Works Programme (EPWP), Working for Water, Alien Vegetation Removal Programme, Food Security, Food for Waste Programme and Contractor Development Programme.

As a state entity, the IDT’s work supports and contributes to the realisation of the national development priority outcome areas, particularly the following:

  • Outcome 1: Improved quality of basic education.
  • Outcome 2: A long and healthy life for all South Africans.
  • Outcome 4: Decent employment through inclusive economic growth.
  • Outcome 5: A skilled and capable workforce to support inclusive growth path.
  • Outcome 7: Vibrant, equitable and sustainable rural communities and food security for all.
  • Outcome 8: For sustainable human settlements and improved quality of household life.
  • Outcome 10: Protect and enhance our environmental assets and natural resources.
  • Outcome 12: An efficient, effective and development-orientated public service.



Our core business is the provision of programme management services with reference to the delivery of:

Social Infrastructure Programmes

  • School Building (including upgrades and renovations)
  • Health facilities
  • Community facilities (such as libraries, Thusong centres and sports facilities),
  • Water and sanitation facilities (including rainwater harvesting)
  • Correctional and criminal justice facilities;
  • Heritage sites, and
  • Early Childhood Development Centres

Social Development Programmes

  • Expanded Public Works Programme (EPWP Phase 1, 2 and 3),
  • Food Security Programmes,
  • Food for Waste Programme,
  • Alien Vegetation Removal Programme,
  • Rain water Harvesting Programme,
  • Skills development Programmes, and
  • Operation Vuselela Programme