Contact the IDT National Office

+27 (0) 12 845 2000 +27 (0) 12 348 0939

We are responsible for delivering social infrastructure and social development programme management services on behalf of government. The social infrastructure programmes we deliver include public schools, clinics, community centres, government offices and these are predominantly in rural communities in the nine provinces of South Africa.

In delivering programme management services we abide by five core values which also inform our operating principles.

Operating Principles

 People Centred
  • We improve the lives of people
  • We work together as a team
  • We put people first
  • We work towards making positive impact on communities

  • We are open and honest in all our communications
  • We believe in the integrity of our data and reports
  • We treat one another with dignity and respect
  • We conduct our business in a lawful, honest and ethical manner

  • We approach work in a systematic manner
  • Our service complies with best practice
  • We deliver quality results

  • We have responsibility to communities, stakeholders and one another for our actions
  • We are accountable to our clients, stakeholders and one another for our actions

  • We approach our work in a creative manner
  • We explore and implement innovative solutions to foster sustainable development practices and outcomes