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We are responsible for delivering social infrastructure and social development programme management services on behalf of government. The social infrastructure programmes we deliver include public schools, clinics, community centres, government offices and these are predominantly in rural communities in the nine provinces of South Africa.


Current IDT Clients

The section below provides a synopsis of the current IDT clients and links to programmes

Logos Programme Website link

National-Department-of-Public-Works Extended Public Works Programme (Non-State Sector), EPWP Social Sector Programme,  Food for Waste, Greening Programme Visit Website

Department-of-Basic-Education Accelerated School Infrastructure Development Initiative (ASIDI); New Addition and Rehabilitation Schools; Storm Damaged Schools, Recapitalisation of Technical Schools Visit Website

Department-of-Health Construction of Health Facilities, upgrading of Health Facilities Visit Website

Department-of-Justice-and-Correctional-services Construction of High Courts, Magistrate Courts, National Security Initiative Visit Website

Department-of-Rural-Development-and-Land-Reform Rural Development Enterprise Programme (Western Cape) Visit Website

Department-of-Environmental-Affairs Operation Vuselela, Working for Woodlands, Working for Water Visit Website

Department-of-Defence-and-Military-Veterans Operation Vuselela Visit Website

Department-of-Culture-Arts-and-Traditional-Affairs-North-West Heritage Programme Visit Website

Department-of-Social-Development-Mpumalanga Social Development Projects Visit Website

National-Department-of-Public-Works DPWRT Infrastructure Programme Visit Website

Department-of-Water-Affairs-North-West DWAF-WATSAN NW Visit Website

 Department of Education and Sports Development (North West) Eradication of Mud/ Dilapidated Structures ; NCSIP, NCHIP Visit Website

Department-of-Health-North-West North West Health Facilities Phase 2, Phase 3 Visit Website

Department-of-Culture-Arts-and-Traditional-Affairs-North-West Rural Household Infrastructure Programme (RHIP) Construction Visit Website

Department-of-Economy-and-Enterprise-Development DEDAT Visit Website

Department-of-Agriculture-and-Rural-Environment-Development Public, Private Partnership Enterprise Food Security (PPPE Food Security) Visit Website

Department-of-Health-Mpumalanga Mpumalanga Health Revitalisation Programme, Community Health Centres Visit Website

Department-of-Education-Mpumalanga Boarding School Programme, Eradication of Mud schools Programme, New Designs School Programme Visit Website

Department-of-Culture-Sports-Recreation High Altitude Training Centre Visit Website

Department-of-Social-Development-Mpumalanga Construction of Social Development Offices Visit Website

Department-of-Agriculture-Limpopo Greening of Limpopo Visit Website

Department-of-Sports-Arts-Culture-Limpopo Upgrading of Libraries, Library, Crafts, Heritage & Culture Visit Website

Department-of-Health-KZN Health Infrastructure Programme, Health Technology Services Visit Website

Department-of-Education-KZN Upgrades and addition to Schools, Replacement of Chemical Toilets, Emergency and Repairs, Water and Sanitation, Technical Schools, Mobile Classrooms, Learners with Special Needs, Early Childhood Development Centres, Curriculum Redress, Fencing Visit Website

Department-of-Social-Development-KZN Social Development Infrastructure Programme Visit Website

Department of Agriculture, Environmental Affairs and Rural Development (KZN) Natural Resource Management Programme, FMD Redline Programme Visit Website

Department-of-Co-Operative-Governance-and-Traditional-Affairs-KZN Imizi yeSizwe, Construction of Community Service centres and Traditional Administration Centres Visit Website

Department-of-Arts-Culture-Sports-and-Recreation Uthungulu and Osizweni Arts Centre, Vulamehlo and Mbazwana and Bulwer Arts Centre Visit Website

Department-of-Education-Gauteng Gauteng Department of Education Alternative Construction Methodology Visit Website

Gauteng-Department-of-Sports-Arts-Culture-and-Recreation GPDSACR Libraries Visit Website

Gauteng-Department-of-Agriculture-and-Rural-Development Visit Website

Gauteng-Department-of-Local-Government-and-Housing Visit Website

Free-State-Department-of-Education ASIDI Visit Website

Free State Department of Arts, Culture and Recreation Infrastructure Programme Visit Website

Free-State-Rural-Development CRDP RID Visit Website

Eastern-Cape-Department-of-Roads-and-Public-Works Access Roads to voting stations and other roads; Hlumisa Visit Website

Eastern-Cape-Department-of-Rural-Development-and-Land-Reform Comprehensive Rural Development Programme (CRDP), STRIF Visit Website

eastern-cape-department-of-education Phase I, RIP II, Rural Hostels Phase II, Disaster Schools, Realignment Schools – A/B/C , EPWP, RIPI, RSDPI, Mud Structure, ECDC Phase I/II, RSDPII, Emergency ECDC, Disaster, EISP, Special Schools, DoE Water and Fencing Visit Website
cidb_Logo_Image Visit Website


Past and Current IDT Partnerships

The section below provides a synopsis of past and current IDT partners.

Partners Scope of partnership
  • Co-funding of programmes;
  • Institutional development and capacity building; and
  • Resource mobilisation.

  • Capacity building and training of women;
  • Collaboration in terms of development interventions of mutual interests such as food security, women empowerment, early childhood development, and HIV/AIDS awareness.

  • Institutional support;
  • Construction enterprise development and support; and
  • Network facilitation with strategic partners in the built environment.

  • Institutional support and capacity development;
  • Promotion of dialogue on women, gender and development issues;
  • Network facilitation with strategic partners and like-minded organisations; and
  • Resource mobilisation.

  • Piloting the first SEED Initiative country chapter in the world;
  • Institutional support;
  • Identify and supporting innovative promising smart grassroot social and environmental enterprises;
  • Network facilitation with strategic partners and like-minded organisations and smart enterprises elsewhere in South Africa and globally;
  • Knowledge sharing on smart grassroot entrepreneurship including convening an annual green symposium and workshop for SEED Initiative award winners; and
  • In-country resource mobilisation.
  • Collaborating on rural development strategies and experiences;
  • Knowledge generation including undertaking collaborative action research;
  • Knowledge sharing including the hosting of an Annual Rural Development Conference;
  • Resource mobilisation; and
  • In-country resource mobilisation.

  • Collaborating on rural development strategies and experiences;
  • Knowledge generation including undertaking collaborative action research;
  • Knowledge sharing including the hosting of an Annual Rural Development Conference;
  • Resource mobilisation; and
  • Networking.

  • To enhance and equip the identified unemployed youth of South Africa with ICT Skills and entrepreneurial training;
  • Connection of identified vulnerable schools with the necessary ICT networks (such as telephone lines, internet connection, fax machines etc) in order for them to communicate with the external world.

  • Supporting contractors who were awarded IDT contracts with bridging finance at a preferential rate.