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We are responsible for delivering social infrastructure and social development programme management services on behalf of government. The social infrastructure programmes we deliver include public schools, clinics, community centres, government offices and these are predominantly in rural communities in the nine provinces of South Africa.

Through its diverse portfolio, the IDT is able to support community enterprises, mostly in rural areas in order to foster viability and full sustainability of the enterprises. The IDT provides business management training and skills development to the members and employees of the co-operatives (Co-ops), Non-Governmental Organisations (NGO’s), Non-Profit Organisations (NPO’s), Faith-Based Organisations (FBOs) and Social Enterprises. The agency supports the community enterprises by linking them to with other institutions and development actors who provide development expertise in areas such as procurement of operational assets and inputs, facilitate market identification and entry, development of products and services, etc.

The Contractor Development Programme (CDP) is an initiative of IDT which was launched in 2009 to uplift and empower black entrepreneurs in the construction and built environment, mostly women and youth. The initiative provides the target group, who are registered with the Construction Industry Development Board (CiDB) at grade 1 to 5 with opportunities to partake in the mainstream construction sector by leveraging on public funds. The IDT provides the participating contractors with training, mentoring, business opportunities as well as supporting the entrepreneurs to obtain working capital funding through financial institutions. Since its inception the CDP has developed and empowered over 370 contractors.