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We are responsible for delivering social infrastructure and social development programme management services on behalf of government. The social infrastructure programmes we deliver include public schools, clinics, community centres, government offices and these are predominantly in rural communities in the nine provinces of South Africa.

The Minister of Public Works appoints the Board of Trustees as the accounting authority for five years. The Board of Trustees is made up of 12 non-executive members. As the accounting authority of the IDT, the Board of Trustees has the following fiduciary responsibilities and duties:

  • Ensure reasonable protection of the assets and records of the public entity (IDT);
  • Act with fidelity, honesty, integrity and in the best interests of the public entity in managing the financial affairs of the public entity;
  • Seek, within the sphere of influence of that accounting authority, to prevent any prejudice to the financial interests of the state.

The Board of Trustees has these five sub-committees:

  • Audit and Risk;
  • Finance;
  • Strategic Planning and Programmes;
  • Human Resources and Corporate Services; and
  • Board Executive Committee /Remuneration Committee

Board of Trustees

See below for the summarised profiles of the board members:



Board Members

The IDT does not have a Board of Trustees currently.