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The IDT's business is geared to making a long lasting and meaningful impact on communities whilst delivering value for money to its government clients.  The focus of the organization's business is two-fold - contributing towards the national development agenda, secondly to be a well-governed, efficient, accountable and financially viable corporate entity.  This focus is further translated into two strategic objectives, which are to deliver quality social infrastructure on time, within budget and scope and secondly to be a compliant, results-based, efficient and focused organization.

In the 2013/14 financial year, the organization maintained a steady performance level - achieving a total of 90 percent of its targets set at the beginning of the year.  The organization delivered 11 out of a total of 22 corporate targets.  Out of these 11 targets the organization overachieved 9 targets.  The targets in which the organization overachieved are the following:

  • supporting a total of 41 government departments against a set target of 32;
  • attaining a total of  R6.633 billon of programme spend;
  • achieving 60 percent BBBEE empowerment of designated groups. This is translated to R5.27 billion spent on business entities owned by previously disadvantaged groups;
  • creating a total of 26 937 job opportunities for community members;
  • supporting 330 Non-Profit Organizations (NPOs), Community Based Organizations (CBOs) and Co-operatives;
  • empowering 15 percent of youth owned and controlled entities, which was translated into R993 million.

In terms of being a compliant, results-based, efficient and focused organization, the IDT complied with all the relevant legislations thus attaining a 100 percent achievement in this area.  The organization however attained a qualified financial report in certain areas.  The organization has thus formulated corrective measures which are being implemented to address areas of weakness. Despite getting a qualified financial report the IDT achieved an 8 percent efficiency ratio against a target of 5.5 percent.

In terms of social infrastructure delivery, the IDT built 22 new schools, 71 Early Childhood Development Centres, 6 Clinics, 8 Hospitals, 8 Community Libraries and Halls, 20 Computer Centres, 13 Courts, 5 Prisons, 4 111 Household toilets, fitted 358 houses with Solar heating units and installed 756 Water tanks.  This social infrastructure work impacted positively on 2 945 238 households.


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